Our Marketing Sciences team members are engaged at the onset of planning each project, collaborating to ensure the research design supports the advanced analytics plan custom designed for your project to optimize learning. Our analytics tool chest and our vast experience is robust. Our skill for knowing what analytic technique to apply, why and when, is one of our unique and differentiating features.
We partner with you to remain relevant and thriving with the right offerings for the customers that matter. With carefully crafted consumer Segmentation research we define who the customers that matter are and discover why segments differ, as well as identify what properties they share.

Effective messaging is the second most important thing your company does. The first, of course, is to put forth an excellent product or service that fills a need and delights consumers. Marketing Workshop expertly conducts the research that provides your creative team with critical guidance they need to develop marketing messaging that captures, connects, and compels. Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies play important roles in effective messaging development.

Marketing Workshop knows that your brand health depends on your awareness of how your customers think about you and what their intentions are to “trial frequent and recommend.”   We develop custom programs for you to stay in tune and connected to your customers.

As your business partner, Marketing Workshop provides custom product innovation programs that uncover opportunities with current, new, and potential customers. The key to a successful innovation program is to constantly move forward in the improvement/innovation process.

If you are conducting any type of food and beverage related study, look to the experts of our Culinary Research Center.  We possess significant experience with food and beverage studies, and we have unparalleled facilities to suit a variety of preparation platforms. 

When the insights strategy calls for taking an in-depth look at consumer perception and decision culture, you’ll find us in their space observing how they behave and react, and talking with them about their impressions, feelings, and future intentions. In their homes, shopping with them virtually or in person, where they dine, wherever your product or service is experienced.

Choice is fundamental to the mobile world. For best results from your mobile surveys and mobile feedback programs, you need access to audiences via a variety of mobile devices. Mobile research solutions provide actionable information about what is happening at the point of experience.

Strategy Research

Marketing Workshop has a long and reputable history of supporting strategy development spanning every lifecycle element; ideation, targeting, concerting, prototyping, refinement, messaging, packaging, extension, and growth.

Analytically Driven 

Conjoint Analysis

Marketing Workshop is proficient with Conjoint Analytics and engages the techniques to drill down and hone in on how consumers make decisions and what they truly value about your products/services.  Consumers are presented with choices which are cross referenced with the attributes identified as important  to arrive  at the drivers of choice.


We engage a TURF analytic study design when we need to understand the preference significance of each item when there are a variety to choose from. We area also able to assess the potential contribution of each item as compared to the total. This is valuable when we seek to prioritize items based on risk associated with eliminating or replacing.


MaxDiff scores demonstrate greater discrimination among items and between survey participants on the items tested. We are able to create MaxDiff questions that are simple to understand, so participants from children to adults with a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds can provide reliable data.