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Today’s business solutions call for innovative, strategic thinking, experience driven intuition, and creative customization.   Those are differentiating traits possessed by Marketing Workshop, and everyone of our team members is selected for his/her abilities in these areas.

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It’s not enough to just be – you must be relevant to thrive.
Keeping your finger on the pulse of your marketplace and maintaining an understanding of where you fit in that landscape is important to successfully steer your business. Knowing who your most important customer is, how to speak to them, and how to develop a relationship with them is the heartbeat of your business. Knowing how to meet their needs drives your offerings and product development.

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Solutions that deliver the insights you need to succeed.
Marketing Workshop is a highly qualified full service custom research consultancy with diversified experience and a solid reputation for serving a wide variety of business verticals such as: CPG, Technology/Telecom, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Marketing & Communications, Travel & Tourism, Legal, Higher Education and Financial Services, among others. We are actively supporting brand health and business growth strategies for leaders in these industries with our custom research solutions across every critical function of their business, including Positioning, Branding, Targeting, Opportunity Assessment, Ideation, Concepting, Development and Refinement, Marketing/Messaging, Packaging and Merchandising, Consumer & Employee Satisfaction and Tracking.

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If you are a consumer-led organization, we don’t need to impress upon you the value of marketing research.
You know that the return on your research investment has as much to do with gaining insights that validate your direction as it does with steering you away from a costly or negative impact decision. Every realization gained from your research activity that is actionable toward supporting your business strategies is valuable.

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Client Centric

A Consumer-Led process is the most efficient and effective path to decision.  If you are wondering how to get there, Marketing Workshop extends our experience, working with you to craft a consumer-led development process that is repeatable to maximize your organization’s efficiency of time and resources across the product development cycle.  Ours is a custom approach considering your realities, your products/services, your capabilities, your timing and your budget.

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