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Today’s business solutions call for innovative, strategic thinking, experience driven intuition, and creative customization.   Those are differentiating traits possessed by Marketing Workshop, and everyone of our team members is selected for his/her abilities in these areas. Marketing Workshop is a strategic market research consultancy that utilizes a fully integrated approach to providing business solutions.   For nearly half of a century we’ve been asking the right questions, leading ideation, changes, development, refinements, and driving evolution.   We are statistically based, analytically driven, and engaged in the best practices, but we’re not stuck there.   Workshop is changing the way businesses think about insights – how they get them, how they analyze them, and how they use them.   Be a part of this exciting research revolution! We are sticklers for strategic recruiting criteria and highly qualified participants.   We have significant experience across all demographics and psychographics.   This is an important element of consumer research project management that you can rely on the Marketing Workshop to do with excellence.