TURF Analysis

What is TURF Analysis?

TURF or Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis – is a statistical model that can used to answer questions like:   Where should we place ads to reach the widest possible audience?   What kind of market-share will we gain if we add a new line to our model?   It was originally devised for analysis of media campaigns, and has been expanded to apply to product, line and distribution analysis.  

With SurveyAnalytics any Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer question can be analyzed using TURF.   The TURF Simulator calculates Optimal configurations for maximizing reach.   Reach or Coverage is defined as the proportion of the audience (target group) that chooses a particular option.

Why is This Important
We benefit from this analysis by examining their proposed product offerings and considering whether the value is incremental to their current products in the marketplace.

How it Works
Uses Likelihood to Purchase responses to determine the optimal product set under consideration, reaching the most targeted consumers.

Why it Works
TURF = Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Reach or coverage is defined as the proportion of the customer target group that chooses (likely to buy) a specific product, concept, etc.   Frequency refers, in this case, to the “strength” of the product.   Defined as the number of desired features included in the design, among those that are reached.   The TURF analysis could determine the optimal number of values which would ascertain the highest percentage of the sales.   Any incremental gain from additional products would be too small to justify their addition.

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