Perception Research

“The customer is the appreciating asset.”

– Federal Express

Custom programs reveal your customers’ opinions to mitigate trial rejection erosion of your business.   Plus, these allow you to maintain awareness of what you’re doing right so that you can inflate and capitalize on those positive impact points.

Are you aware of the difference in what your customers perceive vs. what your customers experience?   Positive customer experience can equal strength for your brand in the marketplace, securing future revenue for your business.   Keeping your brand strong can build brand loyalty, while also resisting the threat competitors have on your business.   Marketing Workshop can help design a program to monitor the differences in perception vs. experience, analyze marketing campaigns, and identify the differentiating factors that will create a true competitive edge and the impact of these differences on your business.

• Attitude & Usage Surveys
• Customer Satisfaction
• Customer Loyalty
• Tracking Studies
• Political Polling/Public Opinion
• Customer Profiling

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