What is researchWISE®?

We bring the combined wisdom of over 200 years of experience providing custom marketing research and consultation solutions.   At Marketing Workshop, our experience and exploration across a variety of industries and consumers has been a journey that yields more than 10,000 research projects for more than 1,000 clients. As our team collaborates on every aspect from design to results, drawing upon our many experiences, this collective wisdom is your benefit.

You’ll find that our team’s creativity is as developed as our technical research skill.  We understand the insights your research delivers will support your marketing strategies, so we keep our marketer hat on while we are planning and analyzing your research. We think about the outer bounds and stay grounded in the objectives.  We take an outside looking in approach and maintain an on strategy navigation. The stories that contain our research findings are concise, fact supported, and include our experienced-based point of view.  Going beyond the “here’s what”,into the “so what” so that you can do the “now what” with confidence.

Our Marketing Science experts use your business objectives to design custom research solutions based on your specific opportunities.  We listen closely to you and design precise, customized approaches that result in the most advantageous way to address underlying business needs.  We support you with robust, cutting-edge analytics to enable confident data-driven decisions.  We provide you with recommendations that are statistically and analytically supported with creative, disruptive thinking and intuition.

We deliver enlightenment through integrated research solutions that give our clients competitive advantages.  We provide valuable insights beyond the business issue at hand.  Our researchWISE® consultancy of dedicated research practitioners with extensive industry expertise and analytical knowledge is ready to help enlighten you.

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