Branding Our Work Environment

Marketing Workshop believes the role of the workspace enhances our employees ablitity to to truly live our brand.   Our work environment has a significant impact on how well our team understands the brand culture,  and how we translate our promises to customers.  Our ideaology goes far beyond just a display of a Logo in the lobby.   We use our environment to communicate about our brand.   Marketing Workshop’s different common spaces such as: meeting rooms, lobby, kitchen all remind our associates that the brand should be portrayed to our customers.   We are immersed constantly in our company’s value proposition and branding the work environment plays a critical role on aligning our organization around our researchWISE® approach.   This experience is particularly true since our organization serves different companies across a variety of industries and our brand experience is primarily delivered through people rather than packaging or a tangible product.   A branded workspace speaks about our commitment with our brand and people.   We believe that every employee is critical and each knows their role in the big picture.   Reinforcing that our company is dedicated to treating our team the same way we want to treat and serve our customers.   We believe in our brand and look forward to recruiting and retaining the best talent.

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