U.S., Atlanta-based marketing research firm, Marketing Workshop, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Stacy Nelson-Barker to the role of Director of Research.  

 “The success of our business is largely associated with how clients experience us consultatively along with the actionability of the insights we deliver,” says Cari Pirello, Marketing Workshop President. “Stacy is a standout among marketing researchers who personifies these pillars of Marketing Workshop’s operating philosophy. 

As Director of Research, Stacy’s extensive experience, well-honed researcher intuition, keen analytic skills, and marketing mindedness will be leveraged for leading dynamic collaborations and guiding research design.  

Over Stacy’s marketing research career, she has led hundreds of research initiatives for both B2B and B2C organizations representing a wide variety of industries; Recreation, CPG, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Health & Wellness, Shipping & Transportation, Creative Agency, Civic Services, Utilities, and Charity/Non-Profit.  “I love that Marketing Workshop serves such a diverse clientele because it keeps things interesting, and for the expanded exposure to consumers it promotes in general,” remarks Stacy.  

Stacy further comments, “The applications of our research services span consumer, product and services, and marketing.  Essentially, our research support is applied across the entire lifecycle of business from the white spaces, consumer targeting, ideation, concepting, prototyping, refinement, messaging, packaging, advertising, benchmarking and tracking.  And this allows me multiple opportunities to impact clients’ business, providing insights that inspire innovation, identify opportunities, help to solve problems, and enables them to keep their finger on the pulse of the marketplace to strategically position and market their business.”  

An example of the quantitative research methodologies Stacy frequently leads include AAU/ATU, Segmentation, Idea/Concept Screening, MaxDiff/TURF, Central Location Testing, Simulated Market Tests, Decision Journey, Buyer Reaction Studies, Advertising Effectiveness, Pre/Post analysis. Plus, the full gambit of qualitative methodologies, in person and digital. While Stacy has a long and rich history of designing and managing these standard types of research programs, she frequently devises customized, sometimes hybrid, study designs to maximize learning.  

Stacy is among the many reasons Marketing Workshop is a top-choice research partner –  her experience, intuition, and ingenuity, and ultimately the command of her craft.  And we are very fortunate and proud to share the news of her advancement within our organization.  

About Marketing Workshop: Marketing Workshop is a full-service custom innovative legacy marketing research firm proudly serving the custom research needs of industry diverse clients for over 48 years and providing support for positioning, branding, targeting, segmenting, concepting, developing, and refining, messaging, and tracking. Our researchWISE® approach is built on our collective Wisdom, Imagination, Science, and the Enlightenment from the insights we deliver. For more information, visit www.mwshop.com 

Media Relations: Cristina Flores-Girnus, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Workshop, Inc. 770-449-6767 | cflores-girnus@mwshop.com